Enable Your Business To Its Maximum Potential With Logistics

The emerging world is creating a competitive environment. We need to think global, be more creative, and leverage a warehouse application built on web technologies. It is time to choose software that reflects your business needs today and for the future.

Our WMS is a ready-to-use product that includes planning apps (space, bill, item), administrative apps (billing, labor, maintenance, accounting), human resource apps (payroll, benefits), and operations apps (scheduling, inventory, sales, and purchase). This framework forms the backbone of any warehousing business.

Product Master

Billing Master

Inward & Storage

Customer Master

Customer Orders

Material Outward




It also gives you added functions such as sample management, location transfers, cross-docking, party transfers, repacking, kitting, transshipments, and integrated online tracking. The product has an innovative tax engine, which supports multi-level taxation with all possible tax scenarios well managed for the current and future needs of a growing business.

This WMS product is a state-of-the-art application that is available off the shelf or as a service on an e-commerce platform where people will be able to buy, download or subscribe and instantly start using them.

With this one application, organizations do not need to further integrate any other applications in the future thus saving cost and increasing efficiency.